5 Tips For A Safe Hike

5 Tips For a Safe Hike

As the weather warms up and the trails dry out, some of us will start exploring the vast expanse of hikes throughout Vancouver Island. Most of us will make sure to bring water, a camera and maybe some sunscreen, however, being aware of common potential hazards can save you from a disastrous experience. A wilderness first aid course is something to consider taking if you are an avid hiker, but even minor preparations can help make your trek one to remember and not one to regret.

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Keeping Your Body Healthy When Traveling

Keeping your body healthy when travelling

Travel. For some of us, travel is part of work. For others it’s an escape from the winter blues or the excitement of a road trip. Traveling by plane, car, bicycle or on foot can be hard on your body. Muscle aches and pains can ruin even the sunniest of vacation plans! Here are a few tips on how to stay healthy when traveling.

The most physically detrimental part of any travel plan is the extended periods of sitting, whether on a plane or in a vehicle. Sitting requires the muscles in read more