Training for a Race Event on Vancouver Island


Training for a Race

Vancouver Island is host to many amazing athletic events, from cycling to marathons to adventure races. If you haven’t participated in a race event before, I would encourage you to try one! There is a lovely camaraderie of friendly competition, but more than that, it’s the common goal of completing a physically challenging event. Regardless of the distance, time or difficulty, the satisfaction of finishing an event that may have taken months to train for is extremely gratifying. So, lace up those shoes and start read more

Top 3 Running Injuries and Treatments

Top 3 Running Injuries and Treatment

Running is one of the oldest and most rewarding sports. It’s relatively cheap to do and there are a variety of ways to run! You can run short distances, long distances, sprints, on treadmills, roads or trails.

There are many benefits to running, from burning calories and increasing your metabolism to cardiovascular health and strengthening your lower body muscles, and it elevates your mood and helps conquer stress.

Along with the vast benefits of running comes a risk of injuries, read more